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Our Process


​Coaching and mentoring through the Nephrology Nursing Network is available in both one-on-one and group settings. Our personal sessions are designed to focus solely on the struggle a single nurse is having in order to bring about effective and long-lasting positive changes. On the other hand, cohort-style coaching sessions are perfect for helping your team collaborate, communicate, and operate more efficiently.

Instead of taking a cookie-cutter approach, we custom-tailor all of our services to meet your needs. Every nephrology nurse has a unique experience in the field. By personalizing strategies to your circumstances and challenges, it’s assured they’re more effective. We take the time to get to know each leader and their goals in-depth before offering professional advice.

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Survey Preparedness Package

Customized Per Unit

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Mock Code Training

Review of hemodialysis complications and interventions.

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Site Assessment

Follow-up evaluation on adherence to plans of correction on the survey.


Nurse Leader

Connection Call

To discuss services that may fit your leadership development needs.

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Team Support


Clinical In-services



Connection Call

Introduction call to check potential services that fit your facility.


Charge Nurse


Hands-on charge nurse training from open to close. Can be customized.

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Need Help?

Let us help you if you need help in the areas of staff and patient education, survey preparedness, leadership development, team building, and developing an action plan to create a space where you can thrive in your purpose. 

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