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The Nephrology Nurse Leadership Network was founded by a highly experienced and multi-specialized nephrology nurse, as the first nurse lead organization that supports nurses and nephrology centers directly in the field with the goal to connect, communicate and collaborate with teams to improve the nurse and patient experience. 
The goal is to assist organizations to find actionable steps, insider tips, and proven solutions to help nurses optimize their careers and to support all leaders in the clinical setting. This group is perfect for anyone in the nephrology nursing practice.
Whether you’re a veteran in the field or starting fresh, having a support system of like-minded nurses is a fantastic experience. Everyone is actively encouraged to participate. You never know what piece of advice might have the potential to change your career for the better. 

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Jameisha Nicole, BSN, RN

Meet The Founder

ACHC Certified Renal Nurse Consultant

I’m a nephrology nurse, founder, and CEO of the Nephrology Nurse Leadership Network. I have over 12 years of experience in the field and have worked in a variety of roles within the acute and chronic hemodialysis and home modality setting to include staffing, administration, education, and travel nursing.

My secondary specialty in skilled nursing, long-term acute care where I care for people with dementia has strengthened the foundation with further insight into the impact of chronic kidney disease and other comorbid conditions. As a dialysis nurse, I’ve spent 11 years in direct leadership in various roles such as nurse educator,  facility administrator, charge nurse, and clinical manager.

My passion to help patients has led to the desire to assist nurses to overcome their struggles by optimizing their career either in terms of development and growth or work-life balance. I decided to create a platform for nurses to connect, communicate and collaborate. Strong nurses support clinical organizations and to help fellow nephrology nurses make the most out of this rewarding career.

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Need Help?

Let us help you if you need help in the areas of staff and patient education, survey preparedness, leadership development, team building, and developing an action plan to create a space where you can thrive in your purpose. 

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